Guanaja ganache with banana crisp bread, cookie and banana, -sudachi cream and with Guanaja décor

Fredrik Borgskog

The winning petit four from Valrhona C3, Chef Chocolate Competition, Brooklyn, October 2016


Guanaja 70% ganache
Quinoa & nut cookie
Banana crisp bread
Sudachi & Banana cream:
Green Guanaja 70% spray

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  1. Guanaja 70% ganache – Start by making a caramel of sugar, then feed the caramel with cream, then boil whit vanilla pod. Melt the chocolate and then feed the cream in to the chocolate, when it has come down in temperature. Add butter and finish by mixing it with a hand blender and end with rum. Fill the chocolate shells.
  2. Quinoa & nut cookie – Mix everything in a robot coupe except butter, and then mount the butter when it is mixed together. Way up each of 6 grams, pack into a mold and bake at 180 degrees for 6 minutes.
  3. Banana crisp bread – Mix all ingredients; wrap the dough and leave to rest in the fridge. Roll out and cut lengths and bake at 165 degrees for 6-7 minutes.
  4. Sudachi & Banana cream – Soak the gelatin; boil sudachi juice with agar-agar and pepper. Let it boil for a minute and remove from heat, add the gelatin and banana puree. Let it come down in temperature and then mount the liquid in the chocolate. Spread out on a plastic sheet about 3-4 mm. let it set, then freeze and punching it up.
  5. Green Guanaja 70% spray – Temper and spray bonbon molds.
  6. Assembly and Finishing – Temper 500g Guanaja chocolate to make the 2 decors for the petit fours. One shall be square 4x4 centimeters. And the other will be a chocolate spiral. And make 20pcs chocolate shells Use a little honey and 2 sheets of silver leaf. Temper 250g Opalys to make the round chocolate plate. Spread out between 2 plastic sheets, let it set and the punching out round plates.