Guanaja bavaroise, with Guanaja cremeux, Opalys & coconut sorbet, “Big” apple, atsina cress and brownie.

Fredrik Borgskog

The winning dessert from Valrhona C3, Chef Chocolate Competition, Brooklyn October 2016


Guanaja 70% bavaroise
Guanaja 70% crémeux
Opalys 33% & coconut sorbet
”Big” apple terrine
Coconut and atsina cress mousse
  • 100 g coconut puree
  • 80 g yogurt 3%
  • 100 g cream to whip
  • 30 g caster sugar
  • 1,5 pcs gelatin sheets
  • 15 g atsina cress
Guanaja 70% Brownie
Coconut cream
Guanaja 70% and hazelnut“disc”
Green Guanaja 70% spray
  • 120 g cacao butter
  • 80 g Guanaja 70%
  • 8 g green metallic color
Coconut chips
  • 200 g coconut paste (from recipe nr 5 and 7)

Gör så här

  1. Guanaja 70% bavaroise –  Soak the gelatin. Bring sugar, milk and cream to boil. Pour the liquid over the egg yolk and heat to 82°C and add the gelatin and the chocolate. Blend whit a hand blender. Lower the temperature. Meanwhile, whip the cream lightly. Combine the cream and the chocolate base. Fill up the molds using a piping bag.
  2. Guanaja 70% crémeux – Boil cream, and coconut puree, pour the liquid over the egg yolk and sugar. Pour back into the saucepan and simmer up to 82°C. Pour the custard over the chocolate and make a perfect emulation with a spatula. Finish with a hand blender. Cool down, fill up the molds using a piping bag.
  3. Opalys 33% & coconut sorbet – Heat the coconut puree, pour it over the white chocolate to melt. Meanwhile mix the remaining ingredients. Mix all with hand blender and freeze in a paco jet container. Running of in the machine when it´s time to add the dessert. And fill in molds.
  4. ”Big” apple terrine – Boil up apple juice, coconut water and honey. Meanwhile add the limejuice, tea mix, lime leaves, lemonverbena, hibiscus, rose drops and whole dried limes in a bowl. Mix the hot liquid with the spice part and let stand for one hour infuse. Strain the liquid, mix and boil it with agar-agar. Soak the gelatin and add. Peel the apples and cut in julienne, and mix together with the liquid. Fill in molds. Add some light pressure and cool, then freeze. Cut and serve.
  5. Coconut and atsina cress mousse – Soak the gelatin. Mix sugar and 1/3 of yogurt in a saucepan and heat gently and add the gelatin. Add the rest of the yogurt and the coconut puree. Mix the liquid with the atsina cress. Let cool slightly. Whip the cream to soft peak. Fold the cream into the lukewarm base. Fill up the molds using a piping bag. Freeze.
  6. Guanaja 70% Brownie – Melt the butter and add the sugar, then pour it over the chocolate and mix well. Add the egg and sift in the flour and mix. Add salt and nuts. Fill up in smaller molds and bake at 160°C. for 20 minutes. Freeze and then cut. Press out and portions size.
  7. Coconut cream – Mix everything together with a hand blender, let it rest in the fridge for about 15min. Mix again and pass through a chinose and pour in to a piping bag. Leave in fridge.
  8. Guanaja 70% and hazelnut“disc” – Temper the ingredients and spread in a thin layer on plastic sheet. Cut into 12 cm diameter rings.
  9. Green Guanaja 70% spray – Melt ingredients and mix with a hand blender. Spray the bavaroise with a spray gun.
  10. Coconut chips – Spread the coconut paste thinly on a silicone mat, drying for 40 minutes at 75°C, remove and cut. Dry over night until crispy.
  11. Assembly and Finishing– Temper 250g Opalys and make the white chocolate decoration, like a half moon, cut out 12pcs. When it is released and ready. Use 2 sheets of gold leaf and place apiece on each spot. 1 box of atsina cress, fore decoration. 20g pistachio for scratch on the sorbet.